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You know when you’re wearing Walton & Sutherland.

Walton & Sutherland is about more than just providing the highest quality suits and menswear to the market, it’s about providing our customers with an experience. Every man should experience the feeling of wearing tailored, luxury clothing that allows them to go about their daily lives knowing that what they’re wearing reflects their values and aspirations.

My name is Jack Smith, and I am the owner of Walton & Sutherland. My Grandfather, Phillip Walton, inspired me to use my passion for luxury menswear and make a business from it. He taught me to always make the best of myself and I always admired the way he dressed. Always in a suit, always pristine and always fashionable was my grandfather and I knew I wanted to follow in his footsteps.

I know about luxury menswear from my experience in tailoring for other companies, but my grandfather’s tenacity and determination to always strive for perfection taught me the importance of developing a menswear brand that represents men as individuals.

I developed my trade while working for one of the world’s most reputable menswear companies and with that experience, I was able to refine my expertise and skills in made-to-measure, until I then went on to launch my own company, that radiates high-quality products and puts the personal experience of the customer at the forefront of the business.

A great suit serves as a canvas for the inner personality. Power. Confidence. Success. Here at Walton & Sutherland, we believe there should never be a conflict between quality and comfort.

As a result, in addition to our in-store consultations, our seasoned tailors provide comprehensive home and work visits, ensuring that our suits complement not only your body, but also your schedule.

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